What Are You Willing to Do to Save the Environment

4 Ways to save the environment

There are a lot of people with a growing sense of social awareness, and they have a lot to say about the environment. While this can be a noble and amazing thing, some of the prevailing attitudes to those who are less aware can be somewhat intimidating. Well, don’t let anyone give you grief for being the last one to the environmentally conscious party! There are plenty of things you can do to help reduce your negative impact of the environment. The added bonus is that a majority of them offer you financial rewards in the long run.

1. Get Your Car into Top Working Order

Cars that have more issues are more likely to use gas in an inefficient manner. They’re also more likely to throw out higher levels of emissions from their exhaust system. Keeping your car in top working order will reduce how much you spend on gas, and an improved system of maintenance will make your repairs cost less overall. This doesn’t just mean making sure you have your yearly inspection on time by the way. Check the air pressure of your tires regularly, as something as simple as low air in your tires can negatively impact your fuel consumption.

2. Check Your Faucets and Tighten Your Pipes

Leaky sink faucets can increase your water bill, and they’re also wasteful. Taking apart your faucet is actually easier than you’d expect, and there are tons of no-nonsense guides on the internet that will help make this process absolutely painless. Once you get it apart, you have the option of installing fixtures that reduce leaking. A white vinegar bath will help clean off faucet parts, which will allow them to make a better seal. Don’t forget to check the pipes under your sinks for leaks as well. You may not realize it’s happening, but that won’t stop your water bill from going up. Further, water damage can be costly to repair both for the planet and for your wallet!

3. Use Your Cruise Control

Who knew that being environmentally friendly could actually be the most convenient option! Using those fancy buttons on your steering wheel allows the car to use a very steady and efficient amount of fuel, meaning saving for both you and the planet. Save the environment, help the mankind.

4. Use Compact Florescent Bulbs

While modestly more expensive, the long term savings to your electric bill will more than make up for the cost!  It is more effective when your household shifts to these bulbs exclusively, but even switching only a single bulb can save the planet a lot of extra grief. If you don’t like the light these bulbs shed, use them for garages, closets, and other remote spaces. You’ll still save money, and the light won’t annoy you as much in these spots.

Obviously, there are many way to improve how you treat the planet Earth. These are just some basic places to get started, and save some money in the process. As you begin to save money, you’ll open the door for other more involved activities like recycling and compost. Are you willing to save the environment and your bank account at the same time? If not, you should be!

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