What makes Organic Makeup better?

Organic makeup – is this for real?

Many of the organic makeup producers claim that they are providing you with organically-based cosmetics produced using the highest possible standards. Cosmetics and skin care products which are labeled “organic” should carry some regulations.

Organic makeup consumers think that they are getting a healthier by using higher quality product. Makers of this high quality organic cosmetics require that their ingredients are organic are crude. This crude materials are cold processed so that it do not break down the delicate structures of the product.

Are all chemicals avoided in the ingredients

While every product needs some processing, manufacturers of organic makeup do this in an environmentally-friendly way. Organic makeup avoids formaldehydes or chemical preservatives which can get into an individual’s skin. This means that there should not be parabens, urea derivatives or other formaldehyde-producing products are used in their cosmetics. No petrochemicals are used, which are those preservatives derived from petroleum in the same way. Some of the petroleum products includes petroleum jelly, mineral oil, parabens, propylene glycol, acetones or benzene-like products.

Some cosmetics require extraction steps with solvents. Most chemical solvents are fairly toxic to humans. These are avoided in organic makeup production at large. Phthalates which is found in plastics stimulates hormones and estrogen. And this can cause skin diseases in females. Hence this is also avoided in the making and packaging of organic makeup.

Side effects of regular cosmetics

Sodium lauryl sulfate and related compounds are kept out of organic makeup and skin care products. These irritates the skin. Instead of this other natural options are being used. All ingredients must be certified organic or be verified as being pesticide free.

Manufacturers make sure that their produce are environmental friendly. Most manufacturers must ensure that no animal testing is done in the making of their products. All fragrances and all essential oils should be from natural sources.

Sources of organic oils and ingredients

Organic oils are extracted from roots, flowers, stems and leaves of organic plant sources. They are cold pressed or steam distilled to keep the oil fresh and not degraded. Essential oils are used as organic makeup preservatives, fragrances and to create a certain texture. Only small amounts of essential oils are used to protect sensitive skin.

Even some companies can call their product organic, consumers need to inquire further. Look at the ingredient list to make sure the cosmetic product is indeed organic. I hope this little piece of article helps you decide whether you can have an environmental friendly makeups.

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