Tips on how to start a vegetable garden

Vegetable Gardening Basics

Vegetable garden design is vital as you begin planting vegetable gardens. It is also important to know how a garden will be laid out. Planting space, and what kind of veggies you would like to plant are all elements that must be considered when putting together your garden layout.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to start a vegetable garden of your own. Before choosing a vegetable garden design you should decide on what variety of veggies you want to plant. Decide on where you want to place them. Additionally question yourself whether you would like to plant a wide range of veggies? Or would you like to grow one type of vegetable? Research about the amount of light certain veggies need. How much space would be needed? This are some basic facts that need to be considered. Create a list of vegetable plants you would like to use. Find the plant requirements of every, and after that compare that with the available garden space you’ve.

3 basic garden layout on how to start a vegetable garden

This may give you with an idea of where you need to place certain veggies in your space. Vegetable garden design layouts come in 3 basic types. They are

  • Rows
  • Beds
  • Potager style

The most famous type is the rows style of layout that involves planting seeds in a row that can either consist of planting one type of seed in a row or several various kinds of seed.

The bed type of vegetable garden design is much like the rows style, but in a smaller way. This design allows to access the plant beds from the edge of the garden instead of coming from the inside of the planting bed. This permits you to avoid stepping on the beds, which is very important, because that tends to harden, or pack down the ground and makes it hard to aerate and dig in the fall or spring. An added convenience is the bed style is a good way to make probably the majority of your available garden space, and for easy gardening, you may even use raised beds.

Of all of the styles, the Potager type is the most decorative vegetable garden design. The word, Potager, which suggests kitchen garden in French, is described as geometric, which allows you to plant your garden by color or food type, in circles or whatever shape you prefer. Companion planting is the placement of several types of plants together that actually help each other in the growing process.

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