Tips on Living a Green Life – know how

Living a green life

So what are some ways to starting thinking Living a Green Life? Here are a few reminders on what subjects most green initiatives are centered around. When it comes to living mindfully of your carbon footprint, it can be difficult to keep a lot of different things in mind. After decades of the same purchasing and consumption habits, it can be challenging to alter a routine you never gave serious thought to. Once you start reading articles about the problems going on. However, it can be difficult to remain apathetic to large issues. Certainly, the dialogues about GMOs and greenhouse gases along have shifted the thinking of thousands of people already.

So what are some ways to starting thinking green more consistently?  Here are a few reminders on what subjects most green initiatives are centered around.

Use of Gasoline and Oil

Fossil fuels burn and release a number of gases that are harmful to the environment. While clean and safe alternatives are in development, there is no shaking our reliance on gasoline for the time being. As such, it’s up to each person to make the best choices they possibly can when it comes to reducing their use of these limited resources. Making smart choices when purchasing and repairing your car are the best ways to get started here. Other options include car pooling, using your cruise control if you have it, and buying goods from local businesses as opposed to larger chain stores.

Why locally produced goods?

Chain stores like Wal-Mart and Target end up shipping in their goods from distance places, usually from locations that are overseas. Cargo ships and 16 wheelers get these products to each individual location, as opposed to a couple of trucks from local business. All of that extra travel equates to a lot of extra gas!

Use of proper Water

Fresh, drinkable water isn’t as easy to come by as people seem to believe. The process by which water is clean, purified, and made drinkable can be expensive, involved, and time consuming. As such, it’s important to waste as little water as possible. Avoid baths in favor of showers, and make them as quick as possible. If you use a dishwasher, don’t prewash the dishes unless you need to do so to make them come out clean. Don’t run the water while brushing your teeth, and put some dense stones in the reservoir of your toilet to make it consume less water with every flush. Not only is this good for the planet, it’s good for your water bill as well!

Recycle any Trash and Waste

Be responsible when it comes to making your purchases, and try to buy objects that use less packaging materials. Don’t buy reusable plastic containers and, instead, buy products that come in plastic containers that are sturdy enough to reuse. Avoid bottled water on the go, and use a reusable container filled with tap or fountain water. The bottled water is often less clean than your tap water, and is certainly less regulated! Try to find ways to recycle what waste you do end up with. A lot of biodegradable food trash can be used for compost, or for fertilizing your soil. Coffee grounds not only make your soil great for blueberry plans, they’re also a clean and easy way to remove unwanted smells from your fridge.

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