How to start your annuals the right way

Choosing the right annuals for your garden

Start your annuals the right way – the most popular plant which all gardener around the world loves because of wide range of colors, varieties and beauty. Even though annuals must be planted every year, it is important to start them properly in order to have a fresh vibrant garden.

Annuals are different from other varieties of plants like perennials and bulbs. The main reason for every gardener love it is that annuals complete their entire life cycle within a single season. This means it sprouts from the seed, grows, bloom, and then die to ground all within one growing season.

How planting annuals can be successful?

Almost every annuals can be successful when you start from seeds. Many experts prefer to grow their plants from seed. Growing from the seed are less expensive and can provide a greater degree of control. Almost all the annuals seeds can be added in a prepared seed beds. I would say, start the approach indoors and transplant them outdoors in the later stage.

The above suggestion does not mean that annuals cannot be grown from plant transplants. You can choose the healthiest and more robust plants. This is another method to start your annuals the right way.

All the annual varieties have their won instructions if you are buying from a local nursery or online. It will include the instructions on the best time to plant, the soil depth, spacing and the recommended care. If this are not provided, you may ask for it.

Care and Maintenance of annuals

Some annuals which are supposed to plant in late winter or early spring can be planted when the weather is warmer instead. Also, annuals which are planted outdoors should be thinned out to their recommended spacing. Remember this should be done once they have developed their first true leaves.

At least 16 hours of light every day is required for the seedlings if you are starting the annual seeds indoors. Seedlings that do not get sufficient light will be thin and weak. And they may be unable to survive the severity of the great outdoors. This is one of the way to start your annuals the right way.

Before the first frost, summer annuals should be seeded indoors and when planting seeds. Make sure to start in a sterile seed mixture and the seeding flats you use should have a proper drainage.

It is important to wait until all risk of frost has passed before planting tender annuals. Tender annuals are able survive to the lower temperatures will not grow well until the soil is warm.

On the other hand, winter annuals should be planted much before the first frost – six weeks before. This time is needed to give the roots sufficient time to develop before the winter sets in.

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