How to start an orchard in your backyard

Starting an orchard in your backyard would be fun

Consider setting up an orchard in your backyard if you have a lots of land unused. If you have some experience in maintain and planting trees, then it will be perfect to star an orchard. You may think that it will be quite a task starting an orchard in your backyard but it’s quite simple when you have commitment.

If you’ve never grown a tree on your property, you might not want to invest on time and money buying lots of trees. But if you are not experienced, you may want to start with just one or two trees so you can get a feel on the growing process. Once you have seen one tree along all the way to maturity successfully, you will be confident of planting multiple trees. I would suggest not to plant many trees that you are going to be overwhelmed, though. Plant only what you can handle, that’s it.

Trees not flowers but orchards 🙂

In general if you want to start on a large amount of trees, I would suggest to go with the same type of trees. The same amount of nutrients and water may be required for all those trees. You need not to spend much time catering individually to different types of trees. You will become very familiar in a short span of time and will become a professional of that specific tree. Later you can try for other trees as well when you have some knowledge.

If you already have a tree growing on your property which you are maintaining from its childhood, then you will have a fair idea of the soil. And since you are already aware of the process of growing that type of tree before, you shouldn’t have any problem testing the soil. You can bring in trees similar to the segment you already grown. It is just a matter of growing more trees with the process you already used before. You also can handle the problems like pests invading during the growth.

How are orchards planted?

Orchard are planted in a row in general, then later pruned to a two dimensional shape. A vertical branch will be at the center, and multiple branches goes off the side from the main branch. When the side branches are horizontal, they are called as an espalier. And on the other hand, if the branches are sloped, it is known as a fan. Usually these 2 shapes are used in orchards because of its compactness. While using then, you can allow many more trees to be in a certain amount of space. If the land is not a concern, then you can go for the traditional way of growing instead of these two type of shapes. Growing orchard in your backyard should be fun for you.

Watering the trees – how is it different from other plants?

A sprinkler is much needed for watering to your trees. This can be replaced with a good irrigation system either. Sprinklers needs more maintenance but an irrigation system is easy to run. It can reach all the trees using a pipe or a faucet in a small amount of time. It’s just the matter of which method you want to use.

When all the trees started bearing fruits in large quantities, consider starting a fruit stand or start selling in the market. Not to go the fruits on waste, eat them all, you can let the rest of the world enjoy the product of your passionate work. Try to become a popular vendor, so you get a decent returns on your investment. Starting an orchard shouldn’t be a lots of investment. You should only start one if you have a passion for trees. Indeed when you have orchard in your backyard, who don’t want to plug and play with your fruits?

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