Get some basics facts of soil

Soil is the essential part of a plant’s life

Do you know the most essential element needed for healthy plant is the soil? Yes, it is. A deep, rich organic garden soil. But if I say that we haven’t met anyone who started with the right thing taking the soil as an example right away, what will you say?

Breaking up of the clay, construction up the sand, and alteration of the soil to get the required pH level of plants takes a lots of time in preparation. Since every patch of ground differs from each other, there is no quick and simple method to do.  But it really works well that too using natural amendments that holds on nutrients and water.

Let’s start from the bottom up.

Let’s build a strong foundation where excellent air flow, water retention and minerals are abundant underneath. You will definitely see a dense root growth which are complex beneath. This roots will help your plants withstand from drought and wind. Your plants also need not to work hard if all these materials are there. Feed your plants at the roots – right where they need it. By adding amendments like compost, greensand or kelp meal directly into the soil, energy can be channeled into strong growth.

Let’s forget the synthetic fertilizers. These fertilizers will be washed away into the groundwater which will help the local streams contaminated instead of helping your plants. Choose something which comes from the earth like leaves, kitchen waste etc. This waste will stick around for long because it has vital nutrients even after the first rain.

Check the soil’s your pH. The soils which is favorable for plants should be little acidic in nature. If you are planning for a lustful garden plan accordingly from the ground level, you will succeed in doing that.

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