How to make your lawn lush green

Secret of a Lush Green Lawn

By adding manure in your lawn you can have a lush green lawn. Even though fertilizers are effective, using them may harm your soil and if it is over applied, it may burns the grass of the lawn as well. However, manure as a fertilizer supports the grass growth. It’s rich in nitrogen and is organic in nature and are safe rather than using the synthetic one. It not only adds micronutrients to the soil but also helps the ecosystem by maintaining properly.

Below are few points to make your lawn look green and lusty.

  1. In a large container put the dried manure. Break the large pieces using and rake into smaller pieces like dusty or gravel. Mix it with water.
  2. Into a fertilizer spreader’s hopper pour the above manure mixture, Remove the bigger clumps and break it if necessary.
  3. Adjust the flow knob of spreader for easy flow of the manure, check for slow and regular flow. Spray the whole lawn using the slow gait and make sure it is equally sprayed.
  4. After doing the above, water the lawn properly. Watering will help the manure to mix in the soil thereby settling down in the roots.
  5. I would suggest to reapply the same thing once every month. This manure will acts as a slow fertilizer but you will see the difference in sometime which will take gradually.

Points to remember

  • If you are living in a cold place then don’t apply manure in winter as the grass will be dormant that time. The same applies to people who stays near the tropics. They should not apply manure during summer.
  • Cow manure is best natural fertilizer ever known, to apply, and if you fail to find some you can use other manure also.
  • Make sure the manure you use is decomposed. If that is not the case then, it can burn your plants.
  • Ensure the manure you buy is well decomposed; otherwise it will burn your plants.

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