Pruning and Maintenance Tips for Indoor Plants

How to prune and maintain your plants

To keep your indoor plants healthy and prosperous from time to time they need to be pruned or re-potted. The process is very similar to outside plants and so important. Diseased branches can affect the overall health of the entire plant and must be cut.

And there is the aesthetic aspect of pruning, which gives plants a pleasant and orderly shape. If you are pruning a branch of a plant that is diseased (with fungi) it is very important to treat that tool after using them. Pruning and Maintenance Tips for Indoor Plants is important if you need your garden to be nice. If you do not, and continue to prune your healthy plants there is the possibility that the fungus will spread to other plants. A bleach and water solution will kill unwanted organisms very well.

Some Pruning and Maintenance Tips for Indoor Plants

When you look at the plant if it looks too full you can thin it, this is important around the trunk or base trunk. You want a good air circulation around the plant. If the leaves and branches are too congested, then this may not happen. You need to trim enough to have excess foliage away to let the plant “breathe”. When you are trimming the branches to maintain a uniform appearance of your plant just cut out whatever is needed. Prune the new growth to keep it in line with the rest of the plant.

As plants grow, their root systems do. If your plant is not thriving or you notice that the roots are visible around the outside of the pot, your plant will most likely be attached to the root. It is important to transplant the plant into a larger pot. Once you have chosen one and have it prepared for the plant, gently loosen the roots outside, you are good to go then. Then place the plant in the center of the new pot that surrounds it with new potting soil.

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