Pest control in perennial garden – know how

Best flowers to plant in vegetable garden

Pest control in perennial garden is very important because they are a great choice for any garden, with its wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Perennials also have another important advantage over other types of flowers. That is, perennials must be replanted year after year unlike annuals, and by their very nature, are capable of regenerating from year to year. This means that you are free to plant once and enjoy many seasons of beautiful flowers.

While the actual longevity of perennials varies from variety to variety, some types, such as peonies, have been known to last for decades once planted.

However, this can come at a price. One of those disadvantages is that perennials need more care when it comes to maintenance, weed removal and pest control. Unlike the annual garden, which is dug up and restarted each year, perennials remain on the ground during the winter, and this can make them more prone to common garden pests than other types of plants.

Pest control in perennial garden – How to select the plants?

Healthy and vigorous selection of plants is one of the best defenses against pests in the perennial garden. The healthier the plants in the garden, the chances of infection by common pests and garden will be lesser. Plants should be well cared so it will be much less susceptible to damage from insects and other pests.

Gardener monitoring is another great tool to prevent pest infestations from getting out of control. A good gardener always on the lookout for early signs of problems, such as holes in leaves, marks or wounds on stems, and other symptoms of pest problems.

Having a good knowledge to common garden pests and diseases is a good idea. Without this, sometimes it can be difficult for the inexperienced to see exactly what the problem is. Before it can spread, diagnosing the problem is the best way to cure the plants quickly.

Used of organic pesticides for your perennial garden

Gardeners have a choice when it comes to pest control in their gardens. Pest control in perennial garden, of course, a many chemical pesticides are available on the market. I would suggest to use a number of natural methods only. Many of the experienced gardeners prefer to start with the natural approach first. Then they switch to chemical methods only when natural attempts have failed.

A great natural approach to pest control is the use of beneficial insects to control harmful pests. Many garden supply stores sell these beneficial insects. It is usually easy to plant a garden with these insects and make them stay and remove harmful pests.

You can often control aphids simply by spraying the plants with a diluted mixture of soapy water, followed by a rinse with clean water. This method works just as well. They are considerably less expensive than chemical methods, and has proven to be effective even in severe infestations of aphids.

Another great way to pest control in perennial garden is to buy varieties of plants that are resistant to pests and diseases. Many perennials have been selectively selected to be resistant to common pests and diseases. But getting these varieties are also a challenge, it is a good idea to look for them. Even if they are more expensive in advance, the money you save on pesticides and other chemicals can make them very profitable.

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