Organic vegetable gardening is the way to go

How to start a vegetable garden for beginners

Organic vegetable gardening is been practiced at ancient times on the land on which they worked. It was only when fertilizers and pesticides are invented that we moved away. It was thought that this might make the crops bigger and harvest faster.

Unfortunately, using fertilizers and pesticides are more harmful than good. The chemicals used are harmful but never in small doses. But imagine what if someone consumes this more unknowingly, thus develops illness or your baby might have birth defects.

Such threats are so real, and we have to take precaution before it happens. The Department of Agriculture wanted everyone to enter organic agriculture, beforehand tests were conducted. This shows that organically grown vegetables are more nutritious and has more vitamins compared to conventional farming. The same thing happens with your taste.

Benefits of Organic vegetable gardening

Organic vegetables does not have hydrogenated fats, artificial coloring, sweeteners, additives, preservatives or any residual antibiotics. This means, what you get is all natural. But do not forget to wash these first before it is cooked to remove any residue from the compost used to help it grow.

The government or the Department of Agriculture is not alone in pushing farmers to switch to organic farming. You can do your part by talking to the farmers themselves, as they are the ones who knows better because they plant them. You can also start planting vegetables organically yourself because they cost a little more at the supermarket.

Organic gardening tips and ideas

Before you start organic vegetable gardening, check the size of the area so you have an idea of ​​what kind of vegetables can be planted given their limited space. Then you need to buy the necessary tools and do some of them yourself. This information can be found online, in books and in the garden store.

If you do not want to start making an organic garden using seeds, you can get starter plants in place, but keep in mind that they cost a little more and this takes the thrill of gardening. But if money is not an object for you, by all means get this from the store.

If everyone does their part, no one will use more chemicals and fertilizers. Everyone now can live a healthy life by eat healthy. At the same time, we are protecting the environment so that future generations can use the land we have used to plant their crops in the future. Organic horticulture is really the way to go. If you have noticed, some restaurants have done their part as well as letting people know that what they use is organic.

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