How do you save our environment with organic clothing

Organic clothing and our environment

Nowadays global warming is becoming more of a fact then the possibility. People has to think differently to save the nature and environment. Many of us would like to connect the idea of organic clothing with the Earth’s environment. A strong connection between the two exists.

Have you ever think what would happen if the entire world stopped buying regular garments and started purchasing only organic clothing instead? Immediately, all of the toxic chemicals used in the production of regular clothing would disappear from the environment. The soil and groundwater and all of the chemicals used in making synthetic clothing would be of no use.

Effects on health with organic clothing

Using organic clothing throughout the entire world will save thousands of lives. Especially those farmers who are killed from pesticide toxicity would be safe. There may be a reduction in the number of people with chemical sensitivity diseases. Chemical dry cleaning would not be necessary with organic clothing. If we go totally “organic” then there won’t be any energy wastage using regular dryers.

The garment industry now started participating in environmental pollution and global warming. Let’s imagine how many sheep, alpaca, llamas and other wool-producing animals would be use in the form of wool. On the other side belching and animal flatulence emits methane gas which is again harmful. Per day a cow creates about 600 liters of methane and they are the source for leather.

Growing organic will help the environment

The growing of even organic fibers requires machinery. These machines use fossil fuels and emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Improving the fuel efficiency of farm implements would help reduce the emissions. All fibers go through a process for manufacturing that relies on fossil-based energy. Nylon and polyester – petroleum-based fabrics – use additional energy in their production.

Many of the clothing—organic or non-organic—uses plastics for packaging. Plastic is made from non-renewable resources. If it is not recycle, it is sent to landfills. The chemicals then mix into the soil and causing harm to the environment. Recycling of all plastic materials is a must. This will help to stop this process from happening.

Save energy for the new world

The energy costs of shipping clothing from manufacturers to the public also requires lots of energy. For example, regular cotton clothing which is made in China. Consider that most of the energy these factories use comes from coal which is not very good for global warming. All garments need to be ship all over the world from there. Producing and purchasing clothing from local source of the manufacturer as possible is also another solution.

Yet one more solution to improving the environment is to purchase organic clothing. Wash them in cold or warm water. A lot of energy requires in washing clothes in hot water and drying them with high heat. While buying organic clothing is just the beginning of what it will take to improve the environment. There are the things people can do to do their part to reduce energy use and to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. This will definitely take everyone to make the biggest difference.

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