Natural way of treating pests in indoor plants

How to get rid of bugs on plants naturally

It is inevitable that insects or other infestation make their way to plants at one point or another. Use the natural way of treating pests in indoor plants if you are dealing with these pests.  You might have small children or pets in your home, so it may be harmful if you use synthetic ones. There are ways to do this and most of them require ingredients that you can get at the grocery store.

When you find insects or other disease that is causing your plant to become ill. Isolate the plant immediately to prevent the problem from spreading to other plants inside your home. The solution will be different depending on the type of problems of the plants.

Homemade bug spray for house plants

Say for instance, the plants are eaten by spider mites, then, you can eliminate the problem by making a serum and water solution. Put the solution in a spray bottle, put the plant in the bathtub and give once complete. A 50-50 blend is recommended, if it is too thick to use with the spray bottle, add more water to make it thinner consistency.

You may be able to control the aphids by thoroughly washing the leaves of the plant with water. Another recommendation is to kill a couple of aphids and leave them at the bottom of the pot. They emit a smell that allows the other aphids to know that the danger is near and leave the plant. If you use this method, do it outside so they can find another home that is not within yours.

The natural way of treating pests are available for the wide variety of problems your plant encounter are too numerous to list. These are the two most common pests, but there are always a natural solution to many more diseases infected by different insects with some research that can affect the health of a plant.

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