Get rid of pesticides growing organic potatoes

Non organic potatoes are not safe anymore

Growing organic potatoes will keep you stay fit. If you are looking to grow this vegetable, this post is for you. Potatoes are always a family favorite as they are a good source of fiber. It helps in slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates. This vegetable is also the source of potassium, vitamin B, vitamin A, minerals like zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium. It acts as an antioxidant. The recommended daily dose of vitamin C can be found in a medium size potato with its skin.

However, commercially grown potatoes contains more pesticides than the vegetable. Those pesticides stays at the skin where there should be vitamin C and fiber. Much before the potatoes are planted, the spraying of the pesticides starts. From the seed potatoes till the potatoes keep in the stores, pesticides and fungicides are been sprayed. The seed potatoes are treated with fungicides before planting. When it grow up it is yet again sprayed. To kill the vines before the harvest the plants are sprayed again and once more before the potatoes are to store.

Growing organic potatoes

So is it not a worry for our favorite vegetable? Instead of consuming these pesticides, why don’t you grow yourself? Growing potatoes is not a difficult task. Choose from the different varieties available but make sure they are free from pesticides.

How to grow from seeds

Potatoes are always grown from the seed potatoes. Make the seeds sprout in a warmer environment. This will help you for a good start. Once the sprouts emerged, plant them in trenches. Fill the trenches with straw and when the plants grow add more heap of straw to get away from weeds.

An acidic soil of lesser than pH 5 is ideal to grow potatoes. Make sure the soil you use is sandy where the tubers can grow. Add a good dose of compost to the soil to keep the plants healthy and productive. It is always preferable to grow potatoes in a row. However, you can grow in pots as well. Potatoes are not a good feeder so maintenance is quite easy. Mulch the potato rows with cedar scraps and sawdust when the plants grow properly.

The best way of growing potatoes is to plant in rows. If you can afford some more space then, raised beds can be used. As I said, you can grow potatoes in pots or containers as well when you have less space. Use barrels, buckets, bags and anything which you feel can use as container. Just make sure the container has proper holes for water drainage.

How to take care potatoes in extreme conditions

Take care of your plants when the weather is too extreme. In extreme conditions like frost the plants may die. It may reemerge once the frost has gone but you will see the different in the harvest. And it is not a good sign. A soil which lacks calcium will also result in smaller potatoes. When there are fungus problems, it is advisable to solarize the soil. This will kill any harmful organisms at the top layer of the soil. After the process add compost to the soil so you can introduce beneficial microbes. This will help the potatoes disease free.

Choice is yours

Growing organic potatoes is not a difficult task as it is not a good feeder. This will be more healthy that the commercially-grown ones. You can keep yourself healthy by getting rid of the pesticides growing organic potatoes or eat the commercially available ones. Choice is yours.


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