Indoor Gardening – a new trend of gardening

Indoor gardening as a hobby

During those long winter months one can bring a bit of the outdoors in with a few indoor gardening. Having plants at home can really add to your decor and helps off than the look of each room as well as add to your health. Indoor plants might help add humidity to the air as well as help filter the air by exchanging CO2 for oxygen.

Indoor gardening is no more demanding than outdoor gardening and you do not need to have plenty of plants to make a big difference in your home. Exactly like outdoor plants those that you keep indoors need some basic things like lighting water and nutrients.

Lighting needs for indoor plants

Various kinds of indoor plants require different amounts of lighting, but most plants will grow better with good light. You might help provide this by placing plants near windows where they may get natural light, but you can also wish to purchase a special plant grow light specifically for all those dark winter days.

When choosing plants for your indoor garden, bear in mind that the darker leaf plants usually do not need as much light as the other plants. Many individuals have a tendency to kill their indoor plants by overwatering them. While your indoor garden needs water just like your outdoor garden it is important to keep in mind that these plants are in containers and you cannot just load them up with a ton of water that may stand in the container and perhaps wrought the roots.

Care and Maintenance of indoor plants

You shouldn’t let the soil get to dry, but do not overwater either. Check your garden at least one time a week to see if it needs watering. With indoor gardening, moisture can be a problem especially in the winter months when it’s very dry.

To help keep your plants moisturized you can spray them with a fine mist and if it’s really dry packing the plant in a cone of newspaper or wax paper and missing the play and after that. The cold will assist keep the humidity into the plant. Different plants require different types and amounts of fertilization.

You must be aware of every planning your indoor garden and what its needs. One can purchase indoor fertilizer from any home goods or garden store and you may even buy fertilizer sticks that you stick in the container at the grocery. Some exotic plants like orchids need special fertilizer of most regular house plants just use the regular fertilizer you can find in any store. These plants have pretty purple flowers and green glossy leaves.

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