How to keep yourself healthy eating organic foods

The Health Benefits of Organic Foods

There are lots of health benefits of organic foods. Studies have shown that organic food actually tastes better in taste tests than conventional food. Organic foods have become easier and easier to obtain of late. Still, several consumers are curios if after paying some extra cost. This type of food is healthy enough though. Most of the benefits of organic foods reach the consumers through word of mouth intentionally or without knowing and the promotions put on by business of organic eating. Luckily, there has been research and several concrete arguments supporting the use of organic foods in everyday eating.

Several studies on farms which produce organic foods deliver that organic farms don’t release synthetic pesticides into the ground, the air and, and the water table. Some of the chemical pesticides are known to be harmful to nature and animals. Organic farms are bigger than conventional farms when it comes to preserving natural ecology. This includes, preserving healthy inhabitants of natural plants, insects and native animals. They also rotate crops more often to maintain a healthy soil.

Some findings on health benefits of organic foods

Scientists has calculated the energy use per unit area or per unit of yield of organic food-producing farms. It is clear that organic farms use less energy and generate less packaging and chemical wastage than conservative farms. The yield in organic produce farms is about 20 percent less. But organic farms use half the fertilizer and 97 percent less pesticide than conventional farms. Organic soils also has a higher quality and maintains higher water retention than that of the conventional farm. This factor may progress the yield of organic farms as the year goes when rainfall is above average.

In one of the study on organic farming methods, a comparison of an organic farm and a conservative farm during a drought season was done. The yields of soybeans were between 50 and 90 percent better than the conservative farms. On an average organic corn were on par with the conservative farms even the yields were mixed.

Get away from pesticides eating organic foods

The risk of pesticides are safe from the health risks of being exposed, which is great. Pesticides made from organophosphates, in particular, can cause serious severe health problems with over-exposure. Long term exposure to it will result in breathing problems, memory problems, skin infections, cancer, miscarriages and birth defects.

To make matters worse, people eating food not grown in an organic style can be exposed to both pesticides and herbicides that remain on the food. This is why all produce from conventinal farms should be washed properly. Even in small quantity, exposure to certain herbicides is known to cause birth defects. One recent study showed that the greatest source of pesticides in babies is through the diet not grown in an organic style.

Choice is yours

Another study found that a group of children who switched from a regular diet to an organic diet dramatically are healthier. Studies also have shown that organic food actually tastes better in taste tests than conventional food. Switch to organic foods if you really care for your family to keep them healthy as possible. The benefits to the environment and likely to your family’s health are substantial.

These are some of the health benefits of organic foods. Go organic, stay healthy.

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