How to grow mint indoor

Different types of mint

Mint is one of those plants which many feel very clearly about having in the garden, as well as for valid reason. The problem with doing this is the mint wins. Seriously we humans are certainly smart enough to outwit the mint, which makes it possible to savor all of that it is to offer. Mint is a tasty plant that may be made into all sorts of goodies, while also being a strong medical herb. There are several distinct types of mint like peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, as well as apple mint, all with comparable growing habits. Growing mint indoors is a way to start as it grows very well.

In addition, there are other plants which are in the mint family which grows well. Plants like lemon balm, bee balm, and catnip are some of them.

Why do you grow mint?

Here are various reasons to grow mint, without anxiety about it taking over your garden. Mint will spread from its subterranean roots. It can cover great distances and under obstructions to get at where it wants to go. Keep this in mind when growing mint indoors. Most likely the easiest way to develop mint is in a container. Since the rhizomes which cause the mint to spread do not go very deep, additionally it is possible container planting mint in a raised bed and never have to worry too much about it jumping ship.

Herbs similar to mints which are useful

Other hardy evergreen herbs like rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme may generally tolerate the competitive nature of mint, particularly if they’re already established. The best part about growing mint indoors is to have a competition with other herbs. You may cut handfuls of mint at a time with no harm done. See a mint plant that’s growing where you do not want it? Chop it down as well as turn it into something tasty. Or cut large bundles of mint as well as hang to dry to be used in the winter months. If there’s a shaded area of your yard that you’ve trouble growing things in, try planting mint.

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