How to grow chillies in a pot

Grow Your Own Chillies

Chillies are one of the simplest plants to grow therefore it is little surprise that so many people grow our own. Every year new varieties come to market, some which will blow your socks off. The continuing interest in grow your own chillies means there’s now over 400 varieties from which to pick. Growing and eating your very own chillies is both rewarding along with healthy. With a tiny bit of care and consideration most plants is going to reward you with a healthful harvest. You do not want a lot of space or a degree in horticulture only a small space on a warm windowsill and some interest.

When to plant chilli seeds.

In this time of year they’ll need to be sown inside where a temperature of about 21 degrees Celcius will ease germination. It’s the potting soil and compost all the way from seed to grow plant by the way. Just how do you know when your plan is ready to be repotted? To start off plant the chilli seeds in little cells or trays. As the seedling grows it first creates cotyledons that’ll shortly whither and make way for the very first true leaves. After the first two true leaves have grown your seedling will be prepared to be moved to a 9 cm pot.

Transplanting to garden

Carefully take away the seedling from the tube or tray to prevent any possible injury to the seedling or it’s roots. Fill the 9 cm pot 3 quarters full with potting soil and compost. Clear sufficient space utilizing a dibber in the center of the compost to facilitate the young seedling into position. The seedling should remain in this pot until it reaches approximately 10 cm in height. After the chili plant reaches 10 cm in height it may be potted on for the final time. The size of the next pot is entirely your choice along with you can even choose to plant it directly into the garden.

By this you have some idea on how to grow your own chillies. Eating your own chillies will be healthy enough rather than using some other variety of unknown source.

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