Giving your Indoor Plants Enough Light

What does a plant need apart from food, water, and soil?

Food, water and soil are the three things that all plants need to survive. There needs to be enough light for a plant to get food. As long as you follow the recommendations of the care instruction given for your plant, the soil and water is equally part of it. Remember to water your plants. But the question is how do you ensure that your indoor plants are getting enough light? You should find a right location in your home, that too, after having some trial and error.

Check out for the right location where you have enough light in your house, then only, decide which plants you are going to have. There are four categories that describe different light requirement for plants – low, medium, high, and very high. If your home has sunroom or skylights in your home, you can place your plants under them. Buy plants that need high or very high light exposure. Some plants may need more sun, in this case the light which comes from the window will suffice.

Use of artificial light for your plant

There are ways which you can use for plants which you wanted to grow with less lights where your home requires that. Buy the plants specially designed for that. You can use electric bulb to supplement the amount of light which the plant require. Keep in mind the requirement of light when you are choosing a plant. Though plant requires lots of light to grow, having said that, where to grow in your home is also necessary to know and the way lighting method should be used. The ratio of your plant may differ but a good guideline to follow is 14 hours of sunlight and 10 hours of darkness.

You will come to know whether your plants require more light or less from its appearance. They may either look dry or limp than usual. You may try different locations in your home to find the exact spots for them.

Happy planting. Give enough light for a plant to have successful harvest.

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