Feeding the Soil – One important Aspect of Organic Gardening

Feeding the soil with right nutrients for the plants

There is a very important feature of organic gardening that you can well relate to. Say, you are hungry, you haven’t eat anything. Haven’t taken a bath for long nor pampered yourself. You were busy spending time working and taking care of others but you don’t feel good.

Hmmm..how would you feel? You will have to accept the fact that you are tired and you cannot ask anything in return. But as the day’s passes, you will feel some negativity on yourself.  You will lose all your energy and your body will be deteriorate like you lost all the functions that it used to be.

Interesting huh? But how is it related to this topic of organic method of gardening. You got it right, compare your health with that of the soil which you are going to use. Soil plays an important part and this is going to be the base of everything. This will be the bed or in other words, a home for the plants. You have to choose the right one in the first place.

The environment plays an important part

Based on your location, you should prepare your soil to adapt to the environment. The plants, in particular, also should adapt to the soil used. Once you pick the right plant, you are no far to start a new gardening venture right at your terrace or lawn using the organic method.

Taking the example of your health in the above paragraph, the soil which you are going to used should not be left unattended. You should not make it feel hungry for food and thirsty for water. You have to feed the soil, bathe it. You have to take care of the soil like you do for yourself.

How to supply proper nutrients to your soil

You may be aware that soils needs water, sunlight and air. But since you are doing it in an organic method, is it making any difference? This is the question, you may ask. The answer is, yes, it has a lot of differences. Even though you need sunlight water and air, you need to add in something else as well. You have to add some organic matter to the soil.

But where do I get the organic materials? This will be another question for you. The answer is simple again – composting. Composting is a process where you collect decaying matters like kitchen waste, leaves, grasses, fruits, vegetables etc. and putting them altogether in a pile to make a soil fertilizer. Keep in mind, you are not putting anything synthetic like plastics. This requires lots of hard work and dedication.

You should not only feed the soil, but also attend it regularly. Mulching is like massaging the soil to keep its shape. By doing this, you will be able to get rid of pests that the soil has got through passing times or however long you are gardening. This will actually help you prevent getting bigger problems in the future. Different types of soil needs certain care and attention. I shall come up with this steps in my following blogs. Stay tuned.

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