How to enhance your garden with sunflowers

A garden with sunflowers is always fun and enjoyable

Enhance your garden with sunflowers. Sunflowers are indeed stars of the gardening world. It is difficult to miss the beauty of sunflowers standing tall, either on their own or be grown as a fence of other flowers. Few who have seen these gorgeous beauties can’t deny their attraction.

The family of sunflowers are known scientifically as genus Helianthus. They have both annual and perennial varieties. As their name indicates, sunflowers generally prefer full sunlight. So it is important for gardeners to choose the brightest part of their garden when planting these plants.

It is also key to take the adult size of these plants when planting sunflowers, and to space them accordingly. Most varieties of sunflowers are quite large, so you have to space them widely so they are not crowded and compete for nutrients.

Since sunflowers are so large and strong, many gardeners like to use them to border vegetable gardens. A vegetable garden bordered by sunflowers is indeed a beautiful sight.

A garden with sunflowers is always nice when it blooms

The blooming period of sunflowers usually extends from late summer to early fall, and the growing conditions for these plants are generally easy. Most varieties of sunflowers require only a well-drained, fertile soil in order to grow well. It is generally a good idea to amend the soil with either aged manure or a good quality fertilizer. It is best to sow the sunflower seeds directly where they are intended to grow. They are very fast to sprout ans set the seed quickly.

While sunflowers are easy to grow, but their seeds are popular with rabbits, squirrels and insects. Sow the seeds at least three times to avoid those unwelcoming guests. Planting extra seeds also will attract cattle to your garden. Seeing the beautiful garden full of sunflowers, they may also be attracted to it.

Sunflower seeds are best planted about a foot apart. Sowing the seeds far apart will allow the adult plants to grow the largest heads which will be beautiful. If you plant sunflowers closer together they will develop smaller blooms and may not likely reach its potential. If you are growing sunflowers for those monstrous flowers, it is important to give them plenty of space to grow.

When working with annual varieties of sunflowers, it is vital to rotate the planting area. This will keep the soil its healthiest and allow the plants to achieve their best blooms.

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