How to Diagnose your Sick Houseplant

Diagnosing Sick Houseplant

Something isn’t right to your indoor plants, what are you going to do? The leaves started falling off, turns brown or some other symptom which is obvious. There are many causes for this, some can be treated while some cannot. Try the simplest solution at the starting if you are trying to figure out what goes wrong.

Proper Watering

Watering is the most common cause for the houseplant becoming sick. It could be either too much or not enough of it. If the leaves started to look wilted or are drying up, you may need to check the soil and if you found it dry, add a good amount of water to wet the soil and leave it moist till the water has run through. Make sure the drainage hole isn’t clogged if adding more water. Empty the water is you find more water which needs to be drain out from the pot.

Other treatment

Say, when the edges of the leaves turns brown and you feel that they are drying up from too much heat, remove the plant from the direct sunlight. If possible adjust the room temperature inside. This can be because of not enough humidity in the house. Put a small dish of water near the plant and as it evaporates, the plant will soak it up. This is just for a quick fix.

If the plant loses its leaves, it could be due to the roots being damaged from over watering, the plant is not getting enough water to support the amount of foliage, or it is too hot. Judge the plant’s atmosphere to begin nursing it back to health and giving it what it needs to get better. Last, you may need to consult an expert if you need more information. You may find them locally near your homes.

Diagnosing sick houseplant like you treated other plants outdoors. It is advisable to take care of every sick plants.

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