How to take care of your fruit tree?

Taking care of fruit tree is important like you treat our body.

Consider that you just have planted a fruit tree, and I am assuming that you are not an expert on the subject. Many of the fruit trees die in their initial years due to poor care than any disease or epidemics. It is important to understand how to care of the trees in a way that ensure a speedy success as well as future good health.

In the initial stage of trees’ life, the roots, trunk, and branches have not been developed fully to sand on its own. And if your tree is bearing fruit, then all the weight should break the entire branch. In this case, you may need to have an external support for the branches. You can either prop them up with boards or tie them to something higher. When you support the branches in the initial stages, it will grow by its own quickly at no time.

Giving proper nutrients helps more production

Not only proper nutrition is required for healthy fruits production, but also it is necessary for the tree to survive longer than one season. The exact conditions vary with the region, climate, and type of tree, but you may refer to one of the local nurseries who deals with this kind of activities daily. Those people will help you with the right choice of fertilizers and they never go wrong in this. You may need to inform them about your tree – how it grows, how healthy it is looking etc., and I am sure they will definitely find you a way out to improve the state of your tree.

Many people assume that giving enough water to the tree is the only way to ensure a tree’s health. But this is not always the case. Giving too much water to a tree can be harmful than making it go thirsty. By doing this, it may give a negative effect on the taste of the fruit. It also can make the tree die and prevent from ever bearing fruit in the future. So don’t try to solve your problem by adding more water instead fix it at the root. You may need to speak to an expert.

Get rid of unhealthy twigs to save the healthy ones

Taking care of fruit tree is important as taking care of your whole body. When you see unhealthy branches that look either damaged or ill, the only way is to cut the branch. If the tree is worsening and the nutrients which the plant has is transmitting to the branches which seems to be useless, cut it off. It is just like wasting all the nutrients that could be used to other healthy plants. You may keep the parts which you feel that can improve and remove the other parts of the tree.

When the tree reach its stage of picking fruits, never ever leave a fruit on the ground which is fallen. Be careful to collect all the fruits. Even if there is an ugly fruit that you don’t want to have, pick that and you may need to throw them. Leaving unattended will invite unwanted creatures on the garden and tree once this fruit started to rot. Rake up any fallen fruits to prevent from any grief in the future.

After getting a fruit tree and caring it for its life entirely is quite a task. It may seems impossible sometimes to keep a track of all the factors for making the tree healthy but if some more attention that the tree needs, that is it, you will get a healthy one. Figure out the amount of water to be added apart from the nutrients as overwatering may lead to unwanted fruits. This way you are taking care of fruit tree.

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