What Can I Do to Help Save Our Planet?

Save our planet with minimum effort

It’s hard to miss the amount of bad news that surrounds our environment. Reports reach us on daily basis. It tells us about our past actions and present mistakes. It also don’t leave the future trends that may do irreparable damage to our world. Many feel like they want to do something, but it can be an intimidating subject. There is a sub-culture that seems proud of making the most drastic, sweeping changes possible to reduce their carbon footprint. While those lifestyle alterations can be amazing in their results, they can also be very difficult for some people to achieve. This may lead some folks to believe that there is a lack of simple green options.

This isn’t true. While those big and amazing changes can yield great results, the subtle ones often help reduce your carbon footprint just as much!  While they’ll never have the visual impact that some of your friend’s techniques might, it’s the end result that matters the most. Here are some simple tips for making small changes that can have big effects.

Avoid Bottled Water When Possible

Think that bottled water is healthier? The FDA’s standard on tap water are more stringent that their standards on bottled water, so it probably is not. That’s nice, you may be saying, but what does this have to do with living a green life? Well, 90% of plastic water bottles never get recycled. Even when they are, it takes less energy for you to use a reusable water bottle and fill it with tap water. You save the planet some grief, and you save money in the process. Not happy with the taste of your tap water? Buy a water filter; it’s a good idea anyway, as many such systems are made to reduce leaks!

Buy Local and/or Second Hand Goods

Many people forget that fleets of 16-wheelers are needed to get products to consumers. The less distance your stuff has to travel, the less pollution that ends up being created as a result. Try to buy the bulk of your groceries from farmer’s markets, which are run mostly by local farmers who provide fresher and cheaper meat and produce in most cases. When it comes to clothing shopping, you can find designer brands in thrift shops, should you be willing to take the time to browse the racks.

Try Vegetarian Food and save our planet

A cow is a very hungry and thirsty animal, and it eats up a large quantity of resources. It also takes a lot of energy and gasoline to butcher the animal and get them to your grocery store. While chickens and pigs aren’t quite as taxing, it still does add up. Consider trying to eat vegetarian for one day out of the week or, if that’s a little to extreme, one meal out of the week. Not only does the make your food a little more eco-friendly, it’s also good for your own bottom line; have you seen the prices of beef and chicken lately?

While these simple steps are never going to have the flair of driving an expensive hybrid car, they’re still good things to do. They help you save money and save our planet in one fell swoop! Save our planet with minimum effort.

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