How to Bring a Plant Cutting Indoors

Bringing Plant Cutting Indoors

It will be nice to plant an outdoor plant indoors when you love them Here is one technique which you can do – by cutting a small portion of the plant. Once you have taken a cutting, you can start planting in your room which is appropriate for an indoor garden. There are few methods which you may want to try depending on the type of plant you have taken the cutting.

How to propagate of hard wood and softwood

A cutting from the plant is called as propagation. If your propagated plant is a hardwood plant, the process is a bit slow but easy to do as this cuttings are quite hardy. Take about 5 inches cutting when the tree is dormant sometime in the middle of winter and place the cutting cut-side up in a bucket of sand. Fill the bucket with water and wait until spring. The submersed side will have little nodules then. This nodules are nothing but will turn to roots once planted.

If the cutting is from a soft-wood plant, then it will require more care and attention. Unlike the hardwood plant, this will yield quicker results because you propagate when the plant is in the active growing phase. Which means you are cutting off the new growth back to a nodal – from the point it stopped growing the year previous. This method is widely used in nurseries. Remember to put the cutting into the root medium immediately. If the cutting is dried there will be less chance of growing.

What next?

Pick a pot or container suitable to the type of plant you are growing. Plant it to the container once the roots developed. At this point, you can follow the regular care instructions for the type of plant you have just propagated.

All the best. I hope you get some help from this how to bring plant cutting indoors. Happy planting indoors.

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