Best Terrace Garden Plants You should Grow

Choose the best terrace garden plants

Are you planning to grow some plants on the terrace? If yes, then this article will help you in choosing your best terrace garden plants.

Initially, you may need to assess your garden properly. Are you planning to grow plants on the floor, in pots or in raised beds? Is your terrace big or small? Are they sunny or shady?

Based on the above factors the selection of the plants are dependent to it.

It is always better to choose a large container while growing plants on a terrace which also should have a better moisture conservation and nutrient supply. The terrace garden plants will grow easily if it has a big room for root development.

Terrace Garden Vegetables

A well sized containers or raised beds which has right exposure to sun, water, slightly acidic and fertile soil and sufficient drainage is ideal to grow vegetables on your garden. Unlike herbs, vegetables need more care. If you are a starter, I would suggest you start with tomatoes, radish and cucumbers which is easy to grow.

You also can grow eggplant, peppers, okras (lady finger) and chilies and strawberries (fruit of course). If you dedicate at least half an hour in a day doing some regular gardening chores like pinching, pruning, watering and fertilizing every couple of weeks or in a month according to the plants’ needs, you’ll be successful.

Terrace Garden Flowers

Growing flowers will make your home a nice place. You can grow different, exotic and beautiful flowers on your terrace to make a terrace flower garden. Tulips, bulbs, hyacinths, colorful primroses are all easy to grow.

During summer, you can grow petunias, pansies and begonias and some exotic flowers depending on the climate. Hibiscus comes in variety of colors, you can plant roses as well. And if you are living in warm climate grow these flowers in winter.

Plants for Terrace Herb Garden

A pot of basil near the edge of the kitchen window is good to start with. Try with different herbs as they are the quickest and easy to grow.

On a sunny terrace, you may think of thyme, rosemary, lavender and sage as those require less watering and grows well. Basil, chive, parsley or cilantro need moderate sun and watering. Always consider growing lemon grass and mint which can be used in many cuisines and in preparation of teas.

Low Maintenance Succulents and Perennials

There are many succulents and perennials that push themselves to one year to another. Maximum or moderate exposure to sun, most of the succulents can grow on well drained and dried growing medium, and they require little maintenance.

Aloes and various cacti are also low maintenance plants which can be grown in small pots too. Certain grasses, sage and plants of the composite family like asters, daisies, zinnia, black eyed susan or chamomile and marigolds are possible.

Varieties of ferns – English Ivy, impatiens, balsams – can be considered if you have a shady terrace facing north.

Shrubs, Dwarf Trees and Vines

If your terrace garden is quite big then, you can have a choice of planting small trees, evergreen shrubs and vines. In a less sunny spot you may try growing camellias and rhododendrons, Japanese maples and honeysuckles, sweet autumn clematis.

In a spot where you have full sun, growing lemon tree, the oleanders, olive tree, a flowering virbunum, some dwarf fruits trees like apple, pomegranates, guavas, figs and even mangoes in pot (if your climate allows) will be favorable.

Keep in mind to care about the water requirements, humidity levels and sensitivity of each plant and the rapid development of some vigorous plants, whose exuberance lead you to their too severe pruning or disposal.

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