Basic guide to composting for beginners – know how

Guide to composting for beginners

Composting process is favorable if you really care about the environment. This is something you give back to the land what it has given you. It’s nothing but recycling. It is all about a cycle that things go through in order to grow. It is an interesting cycle. If you just take a moment to take a deeper look into a pile of decomposing things, you will see that things that are slowly becoming part of the land. And you also see good results from the process.

That is how your life is also going to be. If you are very serious in nature, you will start seeing such cycles as wonders, and something to be delighted about.

Compost is also more than just using fertilizer on soil. This actually means that the cycle of life goes on. You can collect decaying leaves of plants and other manures and things that can be found in your garden for this purpose. You will then use all the materials to form your very own compost.

The process of composting

This process is actually experienced by many farmers in all parts of the world. But ordinary gardeners who love nature and things that revolve in it can also benefit from this process.

The organic remains that you collect when you collect different materials from the land that is converted into slightly black, somewhat fragrant, and crumbly is what will be the compost. The idea here is to arrange the resources so that the soil microbes can survive and also multiply as they all break down. The bacteria act as the converters of all raw materials so that they must be in an effective environment with right moisture, food and air.

Start your own composting pile

If you haven’t prepared yours, but is interested in starting, you can now begin by collecting the green and dry materials that you see around your garden. You must think what you can feed the bacteria for it to grow. For this, you can take the grass clippings, the green weeds, including the vines of pea and leaves of lettuce. All these materials contain sugar and protein and decompose very fast. Dry leaves and other small twigs should also be mixed with the greens when decomposing. These materials takes longer time to decompose because they contain less nitrogen. For this they must not be left alone in the process.

You can also build a compost pile by mixing fertilizer, then adding manure and garden soil between every layer of the collected waste material. You need not be an expert to come up with your own sort. All you need to have is to love the nature.

Remember, you are doing something for the environment by involving in such a process. Not everyone loves to garden, but that does not mean that everyone don’t want to do composting. Practice makes a man perfect. Through experience, you will be able to do with your own method of composting. And who knows, one day, you may one of those famous personality finding a gem.

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