How to create an inside vegetable garden

An Inside Vegetable Garden

Houseplants and herb gardens are popular as common plants that are grown indoors. However, they are not the only plants that can be grown indoors. Using the right containers and having the ability to mimic the perfect growing conditions one can also have an indoor vegetable garden. Having one such kind gets you relaxed by seeing them and on the other hand it beautifies your home. The right vegetables right next to your kitchen and seeing them grow is a fun.

Vegetables to choose from

The easiest vegetables to grow indoors are carrots, tomatoes, radishes and so spring onions. They grow differently and will need separate containers but with some research and this is not a problem. To get the natural sunlight, a south-facing window is ideal to grow in and if you don’t have the right exposure, you can have an artificial bulb to provide supplemental light.

Have a proper drainage system

Having enough drainage is the key when you choose a container to grow plants. If the water is more, the plants are not going to survive. So proper drainage in the container will help loose the extra water in the pot. When you don’t find holes in the container at the bottom make sure you to put a layer of gravel or wood chips to allow the water to run out of the soil. This flip side will ensure that the water does not run out too quickly either.

The thumb rule stays the same

Follow the same guidelines as you do for the vegetables growing outdoors. If you are buying a seed from the market, all the recommendations on when to plant, the amount of light and water and spacing requirement would be given. According to the condition of the soil have the water scheduled. Make sure it doesn’t get too dry or stay too wet either. By now you will have your own harvest of vegetables that are grown in your inside vegetable garden.

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