How to create an indoor garden for children

Make an Indoor Garden for Children

An indoor garden is a perfect project to teach young children about nature and environment if you have them. It is also a path to teach them about the responsibility needed to care for something in the day to day life going forward. The simple, the better, even for older children – as they prove themselves and their garden thrives they can expand the plants that they grow.

To supplement the learning opportunity buy some clear containers to grow the plants in. If you don’t find a pot that is clear make sure the container you use either has a drainage hole in the bottom or layer gravel on the bottom before adding the soil. Once the plant starts growing, the roots will become visible in the pot.

Grow vegetables what children like

One best part of children is they will love to grow their own vegetables and even eat them once they are ready. You can buy each child their own large containers to take care of and let them pick the type of vegetable they want to grow. Carrot, tomatoes, radishes are the easiest vegetables to grow indoors. There are varieties of tomatoes that they can grow from beefsteak to cherry tomato.

The next time when you eat an orange, just save the seeds for planting. Your children can plant the seeds in small containers about 1 inch down into the soil. By watering the plant and keeping in the sunlight, in two to three weeks they will have their own citrus tree growing. Either they can choose to keep indoors or plant it outside when the plant becomes bigger and stronger. The same thing can be tried for other fruits as well like watermelon, apple etc.

Getting children to help with your houseplants is a good idea too. Children love to help out with adult chores and it gives you a break at the same time.

This article might give you a brief idea on how to create an indoor garden for children. You will love it if you have children around and wanted to teach them about the environment.

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