13 Effective Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Without a lush green lawn do you think your garden is complete? I don’t think that way. A garden should be maintained in such a way that it gives a soft velvety touch and to me it should be a favorite spot to leap and lie down for pets and children.

To make a lawn is indeed easy but to maintain it is quite a task. Below are few lawn care and maintenance tips which you can manage to make a greener garden than before.

  1. I would suggest not to go for fancy things, always try to plant native and local grass which perfectly adapt to the present climate. You may need to examine the place perfectly to find out the hours of sunshine, temperature, growing condition and the soil types to which your plant should grow.
  2. Examine the pH of your soil. Ideally for lawns a pH level of 6 to 7.2 is required, You’re your soil and if it is below or above the required level, try to amend it.
  3. Keep in mind, you should not plant lawns in a shady area and also avoid planting it on the slopes and irregular spots of your yard.
  4. In the shady part of the lawn, grass requires less watering and fertilizer as there will be less sunshine and you may end up killing them if you water the grass more or by putting more fertilizer. The idea is to fertilize and water properly almost half than that grass which grows at the sunny spot.
  5. Regularly trim the grasses before it grows too high because tall grass may sunburn the lawn. Cutting tall grass not only shaken its roots but also make the bladed of the cutter/mower dull.
  6. Grasses which grows healthily avoid the weeds grow. Grow a variety of grass if you want to control the weeds. By doing this it will cover up the space for weeds and cut off the sunlight and eventually the weeds cannot come up.
  7. Edging is also important for a lawn. This will avoid grasses to grow outside of it which gives a sheer look to the lawn. You may use anything from brick, timber or plastics (not preferable).
  8. Aerate your lawn at least twice a year in spring and winter. Aerating helps the roots and soils by providing enough air and water. You cannot ask people or yourself not to walk on the lawn. Walking over the lawn make the soil hard and rigid thereby blocking the space of water and air which is why aerating is important here as well.
  9. I would suggest to water your lawn in the morning as the water evaporate less during that time. If the lawn is new then you require more water till your small plants started to establish.
  10. Fertilizer rich in nitrogen should be added with water regularly. The more you do this, the better the growth of the grasses, by then you need to mow down. Then only, it will give you a good balance for a lush garden.
  11. Remember the best time to fertilize the lawn is in its growing season every 6 week.
  12. Spread lime using a spreader regularly so common weeds should not thrive. The lack of calcium (found in lime) in soil provides phosphorus thriving condition.
  13. I would always suggest to feed the lawn with compost or manure. They are rich in nitrogen and are a better organic fertilizers.

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